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Our vision is that doctors start prescribing recipes


For nutritious food 

Scientific evidence shows diets can be beneficial for prevention and management of a range of health conditions

40–90% of people with irritable bowel syndrome say their symptoms have dietary triggers

Ref: DeWeert, Nature, 2016

Verdify is on a mission to make it a whole lot easier 

 - and a lot more exciting -  

to eat in harmony with health goals

and in line with the latest scientific insights 

Verdify offers daily recipe inspiration and creates a trusted environment for meal planning. Every day see an overview of chef- and dietitian-designed recipes that fully support (health) goals and promise exceptional taste.

Recipe inspiration

Select favorite recipes. Build a personal recipe book. Create a shopping list and get the ingredients from connected retailers.


Verdify takes full account of personal preferences, allergies and medical diets and is made to support a healthy lifestyle. Verdify finds tasty recipes and replaces ingredients to provide a full match with your profile.

Meeting health goals

Translate dietary advice stemming from a dietitian, microbiome analysis or metabolism test into a sensational experience for your taste buds.