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Making personalised nutrition a real option

with AI-powered adaptive recipes

Entering the domain of personalised nutrition

Poor diet contributes to one in five deaths globally while dietary interventions can have a major positive impact in chronic conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and various bowel conditions. Personalised nutrition is globally recognized as key opportunity to guide consumers towards an eating pattern that contributes to individual health goals.

Verdify enables consumers to set up a detailed personal nutrition and health profile and enables companies in the food industry to fully personalize their offering based on these profiles – without exchanging private information.

Verdify has developed unique A.I. technology for fully personalising meal recipes according to guideline-based medical diets and individual preferences. The ambition is to empower national and global companies active in food, nutrition and cooking to incorporate Verdify technology and facilitate their customers to make personally healthy and sustainable food choices.

Demo platform live in the Netherlands

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For consumers

Better understand personal dietary needs and enjoy tasty personalised recipes

For companies

Offer your customers full (health) personalisation and rely on a trusted and guideline-based approach

For partners

Inspire your customers with nutritious personalised recipes 


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