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Verdify translates nutrition science into delicious and personalised recipes

The concept

Verdify is on a mission to make personalized food an exciting experience for achieving health goals. This is done by providing an entertaining and engaging application for daily meal planning. With Verdify users can benefit from the latest scientific insights into nutrition and health in combination with the taste experience from professional chef-designed recipes. Verdify works from privacy by default and in line with nutritional and medical guidelines.


Our motivation is the wide body of scientific evidence showing that a targeted diet can be beneficial in a range of health conditions 


Verdify has been created by people who believe in the importance of eating truly good food. Food that supports the pursuit of personal ambitions. From their combined background in nutrition, entrepreneurship, food business and healthcare, they started creating an online recipe & food platform that takes full account of personal conditions: Verdify was born. 

The team

Jochem Bossenbroek MSc. MBA
  • Passionate entrepreneur and visionary founder of Verdify

  • Strongly believes in the importance of maintaining a healthy gut

  • Intolerance for gluten, terribly misses the taste of real bread

  • Father of two wonderful girls

  • Practices canoe polo in Deventer

Sandrin Bergheanu MD PhD
  • Medical doctor by training and entrepreneur by practice

  • Co-founder of Verdify

  • Keeps the company grounded in scientific evidence

  • Enjoys a plant-based diet to stay fit and healthy

  • Father of two

  • Practices the art of long-distance running

Bernadette Dijkhuizen-Keogh BA
Nutrition Director
  • Devoted Nutritional Therapist and Mindfulness Instructor

  • Co-founder of Verdify

  • Highly knowledgeable in the relation between food and health

  • Avoids dairy, gluten and meat

  • Keen to provide practical nutritional advice to anyone who might be in need