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Mediterranean diet Personalised

A wide body of research points out that the traditional Mediterranean diet contributes to a favorable health status and helps prevent a number of medical conditions. Therefore, Verdify makes use of the principles characteristic of the Mediterranean diet in its recipes. There is also strong scientific evidence demonstrating that metabolic processes vary from person to person. This has led to the realization that recipes should be personalized to achieve the best health outcomes. Fully in line with these findings, Verdify has created a unique system for customizing recipes to a person’s preferences and health condition. This allows Verdify to show a selection of recipes that have been moulded around a person, also taking family members into account.

For consumers

Better understand personal dietary needs and enjoy tasty personalised recipes

For retailers

Offer your customers full (health) personalisation and rely on a trusted and evidence-based approach

For partners

Inspire your customers with nutritious personalised recipes