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Making personalised food an exciting option to achieve health goals 

Making personalised food a real and tasty option for achieving health goals

Verdify provides an entertaining and engaging tool for personalised meal planning and purchasing. The technology is designed for consumers and families with special nutritional needs. Whether consumers have a food intolerance, a desire to gain vitality or a health goal to pursue with respect to their medical condition – Verdify is building tools to support them in meeting daily nutritional requirements and enjoy a tasty experience. Verdify combines the latest scientific insights and medical or nutritional guidelines with unique adaptive recipes and highly-convenient cooking methods – all targeted to serving consumers personally.

Daily inspiration with chef-made and fully-personalised recipes
Verdify works from privacy by default and fully in line with nutritional and medical guidelines
Available for customers and deployable by retailers

For consumers

Better understand personal dietary needs and enjoy tasty personalised recipes

For retailers

Offer your customers full (health) personalisation and rely on a trusted and evidence-based approach

For partners

Inspire your customers with nutritious personalised recipes